Schniga - The Globally Successful Gala

Schniga GmbH was founded in December 2002 by several South Tyrol nurseries. The independent marketing company is the owner of the three Gala clone variety rights Gala Schniga® Schnitzer(s), Gala Schniga® SchniCo(s) and Gala Schniga® SchniCored(s).

With more than 4.5 million grafts per year, the three Schniga® Gala clones are some of the most propagated in Europe and therefore also the most popular Gala mutations.

Schniga GmbH's variety material is exclusively propagated by qualified licenced partners in Italy, Germany, Spain, Serbia, Croatia, The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and the Czech Republic. When the trees are ready, they are distributed globally by these partners.


Quality Based on Selection

The perfect apple must both taste good and be suitable for handling and storage. During strict selection in Schniga orchards, only grafts from trees that bear fruit are cut. This ensures a high quality of fruit as well as low regression of the trees. You can recognise Schniga tree quality by the Schniga Brand Label which is attached to each tree. When you're buying trees, watch out for this mark of quality!

Schniga GmbH works closely with nurseries, international test centres and consulting organisations of European fruiticulture. Schniga operates test facilities in different locations to test various clones for that particular region and to give cultivation recommendations.

Schniga GmbH complies with international directives and quality standards.

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